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Glossary of fiscal terms used in Canada

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Term Definition

A formal choice among specific options on how tax laws are applied to a taxpayer's financial affairs. Usually, you make an election on your tax return.

Employment income

See salary.

Employment Insurance (EI)

A federal program that provides financial assistance to people who are temporarily out of work. It is an insurance program, with employers and employees making payments into the Employment Insurance Fund.

Employment Insurance premiums

Deductions that an employer must make from employees' paycheques and forward to the Receiver General for Canada. Employers must also contribute Employment Insurance payments.


All of someone's property and money

Estate accountant

Person dealing with an estate

Estate fiscalist

Person dealing on estate tax matter


Person responsible for tax department


Taxes on the manufacture, sale, or use of goods and items.

Expense refused

Expenses not accepted by instead of from ARC or Revenue Québec

Expert in tax law

Specialist in tax situation.

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