About Tax Defenders™

About Tax Defenders™

Tax DefendersTM is a Canadian company located in the province of Quebec. Our firm is an independent office specialized in tax problem resolutions and tax settlements. We offer under one roof all specialized services related to the resolution of income tax, sales taxes, deductions at source problems, etc. We are licensed tax preparators for Canada and/or Québec.

Our expertise is in litigation, mediation and representation with the Revenue Agencies for Québec and Canada.

Our knowledge of administrative policies of the two levels of government facilitate negotiations and agreements with tax authorities to address tax issues.

Our multidisciplinary team has been resolving tax disputes for over 20 years. It includes accountants, tax experts, mediators, several business partners such as lawyers for legal representation in court, if needed.

Our mission = Tax equity

« The province of Quebec is the place in North America where income tax is the highest. It can reach up to 60% of the income. Tax Defenders TM offers a dynamic service to defend citizens and businesses' rights, a service that only rich people could afford not so long ago. »

Tax DefendersTM encourages tax equity by providing, under one roof, all the tax assistance services necessary to resolve personal and business tax problems by facilitating negotiations with tax authorities./p>

We offer the possibility to individuals and self-employed workers (residents and/or non-residents), as well as Canadian companies established abroad and foreign companies in Canada the possibility to beneficiate of the same services concerning income taxes and sales taxes at a reasonable cost.

Our customers

Our clientele consists of companies and individuals working in various sectors, including:

  • Financial services
  • Transportation (trucker)
  • Renovation, construction
  • Energy, natural resources, environment
  • Manufacturing industry, retail trade
  • Food, catering, hotel services
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Information technology, telecommunications
  • Health care, etc.

«We recommend that someone represents you for negotiating with the tax authorities. Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency are your adversaries when you have problems with them.»

We have successfully completed several mandates in cases involving:

  • Preservation of rights during a tax audit
  • Opposition to notices of assessment, application for an extension of time to object
  • Appeal to the Court of Québec and the Tax Court of Canada
  • Implementation of specific strategies on complex files
  • Payment agreement with the Collections Branch of both governments

Our Team

Mme. Brigitte Roy, President
Tax law executive

Mme. Kimberly Benoit
Executive Assistant

M. Dominic Roy
Director of Administration and Finance

M. Igor Shlikov
Accountant – Senior analyst

Mme. Oksana Shakhvieliedova
Junior accountant

M. Pascal Boyer
Information Technology Specialist

Our business partners

M. Pierre Blain

Mme. Linda Tanguay

Mme. Marie-Hélène Therrien
Notary – Les Notaires Therrien Touchette Inc

M. Sylvain Proulx
Trustee – Primeau Proulx et associés

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Phone number: (450) 672-1333
Facsimile: (450) 672-2470

Toll free : 1 866 411-1333

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 « We solve tax problems…
one satisfied client at a time. »