Deductions for investments refused by the fisc

Deductions for investments refused by the fisc

Tax DefendersTM offers help, assistance at an affordable cost, to solve problems related to tax deductions or tax credits refused by Revenue Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency.

If you are a taxpayer, private or small or medium size business, who disagrees with the reasons why a deduction for investment was refused in your income tax return, and you want an opinion or help on this subject, contactTax DefendersTM

Call us to see if we can be of any help! We can meet the tax authorities on your behalf, and look for solutions that could suit all parties involved. You will be able to keep on with your personal or business activities…

Whether you are located in Canada, in United States, in Europe, United Kingdom, Italy, or in Asia, in Latin America, including Panama, or anywhere else in the world, we can help you put an end to your tax problems (income tax, QST, GST, etc.)

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Tax DefendersTM offers help, advice and assistance to taxpayers, small and medium size businesses, corporations, companies, self-employed and freelancers, in case of problems with taxes or disagreement with the reasons for which a deduction for investment was refused by Revenue Canada Agency or Revenue Quebec; with the help of accountants, chartered accountants, specialized lawyers, attorneys, tax experts, specialists having expertise with tax matters, other experts when needed; who offer professional tax services in the Montreal Area, Quebec, Canada