Dispute, conflict, disagreement with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec

Dispute, conflict, disagreement with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec

Tax DefendersTM offers help, problem solving assistance to tax payers, individuals and businesses, looking for a way to settle a dispute, a conflict, a disagreement with the tax authorities of Quebec and Canada.

We can negotiate with Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada to reach an agreement with regard to:

  • Disagreement on the amount claimed on a notice of assessment
  • Dispute on interpretation of law (recourse to specialized lawyers when required)
  • Business expenses refused as tax deductions;
  • Commercial problems regarding sales taxes GST QST HST PST;
  • DAS TDS Tax deductions at source – Withholding taxes;
  • Double taxation (international taxation) / Tax convention or tax treaty related problems;
  • Hotel business responsibilities with regards to taxation and taxes;
  • Income tax payable on surrender value of a life insurance policy;
  • International tax problems for Canada-United States, Canada-Europe, Canada-Asia, Canada-Latin America, Canada-South America, Canada-China, Canada-United Kingdom, Canada-Australia, Canada-Dubai, etc.;
  • Notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, shareholders responsibility, professional responsibility in regards with tax matters;
  • Real estate transactions and sales taxes (GST QST HST PST), capital gain or other tax matters;
  • Tax deduction for investment refused;
  • Unreported revenues, undeclared income;
  • Unfiled tax return, unpaid income tax;
  • Unpaid sales taxes (GST/HST, QST/PST), etc.

Contact Tax DefendersTM in case of disagreement, dispute or conflict with Revenue Quebec or Revenue Canada regarding oil and gas taxes, DAS, TDS, withholding taxes, tax credits refused, proof, international taxation, bankruptcy and insolvency related to tax matters, conflict on law interpretation, dispute regarding an assessment with incorrect amount, an arbitrary assessment, shareholders responsibility, preservation of rights during a tax audit for income tax purposes, professional responsibility, hotels and taxation, undeclared canadian or foreign income, personal or business income, rental income, seizure of assets in Canada while abroad, income tax return not filed in Canada, possible agreements with the tax authorities, tax effects of environmental laws in Canada, other tax matters in Montreal Quebec Canada.

Tax DefendersTM offers tax services, negotiation services and arbitration services to solve tax problems in case of a dispute or a conflict on tax matters with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec.

We work efficiently with our multidisciplinary team which allows us to solve our cases more rapidly, thus reducing costs for ours clients.

« We solve over 95% of our cases by negotiating
with the tax authorities! »

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