Tax Defenders™ is an independent office, among the most important in Canada, specializing in tax problem resolution and tax settlement

Tax Defenders™ is an independent office, among the most important in Canada, specializing in tax problem resolution and tax settlement

(income tax, GST, QST, HST, PST taxes and DAS)

Tax DefendersTM is a Canadian company which has its head office located in the South Shore of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, in Canada. Its multidisciplinary team, formed by its employees, partners and external contributors, has been solving tax problems for the past 10 years. It includes specialized accountants familiar with tax matters, chartered accountants, tax specialists, tax advisors, tax consultants, experienced negotiators, former employees of Revenue Quebec and of Revenue Canada, specialized lawyers who have developed an expertise in tax matters such as QST, GST, etc.

Our mission

Tax DefendersTM provides services to individuals and businesses to help them solve their tax problems, at an affordable cost.

We wish to put an end to the increasing appetite of Revenue Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency and contribute to offer individuals and businesses, particularly small and medium size businesses, the possibility of being in a more equitable position before the Tax Authorities.

«The province of Quebec is the place in North America where income tax is the highest. It can reach up to 60% of the income. Tax DefendersTM offers a dynamic service to defend citizens and businesses' rights, a service that only rich people could afford not so long ago. »

Tax Equity

Tax DefendersTM integrated tax services are an efficient and affordable solution to individuals and businesses facing increasing tax problems (income tax, QST, GST, HST, etc,). Services offered cover all elements of the assessment process including the Notice of assessment sent by Revenue Quebec or by the Canada Revenue Agency, objection to a Notice of assessment received, conformity requirements, request for waiver of interest, negotiations with the administrative services/collection services of Revenu Quebec and of the Canada Revenue Agency, voluntary disclosure, etc. (see Tax Pardon)

«We recommend that someone represents you for negotiating with the tax authorities. Revenu Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency are your adversaries when you have problems with them».

Tax DefendersTM Team

Management and team members:

François Beaulne, M.A., MBA, Phd r.i.President of the Advisory Committee, Partner, M.A., MBA, Phd., R.I., ex- parliamentarian, member of the electoral division of Marguerite-D'Youville (Boucherville and Sainte-Julie) and Vice-President of the National Assembly of Quebec from September 1989 to June 2003

M. Denis J.P. Roy
President, Partner

M. Gilles Bergeron, C.A.
Chartered Accountant

Mme Brigitte Roy
Assistant Partner, Customer Service

M. Michel Latour, BA, LL B.
BA, LL B. Assistant Manager, International

Mme. Oksana Kulchytska
Assistant Manager, Accounting, Government Relations

M. Igo Shlikov
Accountant analyst

Mme. Kimberly Benoit
Executive Secretary, responsible for customer service

There are also experts, consultants and former employees of Revenue Quebec and of the Canada Revenue Agency, including:

An expert, a former employee of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), who has over 35 years of experience and who held the following positions:

  • Senior auditor assigned to companies;
  • Coordinator for tax evasion fight;
  • Senior investigator for special investigations;
  • Interpretation agent for income tax matters;
  • Tax shelters analyst at the Shawinigan Tax Center;
  • Educator on different tax matters (Assets method, capital gain, deductions, tax credits, attribution rules and other taxation methods).

A specialist familiar with notice of assessments for investments with a group of investors;

specialist from the construction industry and real estate;

A specialist from the following industries: entertainment, movie and television;

Experienced negotiators are also part of the team.

All these members collectively bring experience of over 100 years in taxation, in management of personal and business finances and relations and negotiations with the Canadian tax authorities, Revenue Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency, and their different departments.

For more information and for a first confidential, fast and free consultation, call:

Tel. : (450) 672-1333 | (514) 666-1335
Fax. : (450) 672-2470
Toll free : 1 866 411-1333

« We solve tax problems…
one satisfied client at a time. »

Tip of the Day

Tax DefendersTM is not a governmental organization or a taxpayer association and it provides help, information, advice, assistance, tax services to solve tax problems at an affordable price to individuals, corporations, small business, medium size businesses, freelance or independent workers, other companies in the greater Montreal, Quebec area in case of problems that concern income tax return, sales taxes GST QST HST PST, deductions at source DA, other tax matters, etc.

Tax DefendersTM defends people against the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec abuse in the Greater Montreal Quebec area in Canada. Looking for Asian partners, European partners, professionals in fiscal field needed for U.S., CAN-USA, Europe, Asia, United States, China, UK, Panama, Dubai, etc. having expertise on Canadian and international tax issues.