Tax audit assistance, help, support, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tax audit assistance, help, support, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Need information prior to a tax audit by the Canada Revenue Agency CRA or Quebec Ministry of Revenue MRQ?

A tax audit requested by the Canada Revenue Agency, or Revenue Quebec, can be one of the most intimidating situations a person or business can face. Often, Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency have a distinct advantage because the average person doesn't have enough knowledge in tax matters to face an audit or defend herself against the tax authorities. Tax Defenders™ will help in all levels.

"If you're anything like the average taxpayer, you live in fear of a tax audit. Not because you have done anything wrong, just because we all know how the government operates."

  • Don't panic if you receive a letter from the tax authorities.
  • Whether you are facing an audit or simply want to avoid one, call Tax Defenders™.
  • Yes, you can sue the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Quebec.  But the process can be as complicated as the Canadian Tax law or the Tax Code. Tax Defenders™ can help you find your way around the court system and choose the best way to solve your tax problem (recourse to specialized lawyers only when required).  
  • You can preserve yours rights during a tax audit.

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Tip of the Day

In case a tax audit is instituted by the Canada Revenue Agency CRA or Revenue Quebec RQ, Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, support through tax specialists such as specialized accountants, tax experts, specialized lawyers to whom Tax DefendersTM has recourse if needed, experienced negotiators, depending upon needs, to taxpayers: corporations, small and medium size businesses, individuals, in the Greater Montreal - Quebec - Canada area by services such as review of your tax situation prior to tax auditing, information on how to protect your assets from seizure, how to preserve your rights during a tax audit, etc.