Disclosure of undeclared GST QST taxes

Disclosure of undeclared GST QST taxes

Did you receive an unjustified assessment notice on sales taxes or a request to produce a report for GST, QST, HST, PST?

Here is how Tax DefendersTM can help you:

  • Business accounting;

  • Provide assistance in case of tax audit or tax control by the federal or provincial government;

  • Disclosure of undeclared taxes and income;

  • Assist you to have sales tax credit for GST and QST accepted by Revenue Quebec.

Tax DefendersTM expertise has allowed companies to eliminate substantial amount shown on assessment notice from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Qeubec claiming arbitrary or incorrect amount.

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Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance for undeclared or unreported GST QST taxes, unjustified assessment notice for Quebec Sales Tax (QST) and Goods and services sales tax (GST), tax credits refused by Revenue Quebec, HST harmonized sales tax, disclosure of undeclared income and sales taxes, business accounting for tax purposes, a tax audit or control on retail taxes, in case you received a demand to produce provincial and sales tax reports from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec or in case of dispute, conflict, disagreement on amount of sales tax to be paid, etc.

For specialized accountants, chartered accountants, tax experts, tax specialists, experienced negotiators, specialized lawyers having expertise with GST QST sales taxes and other tax related services in the Greater Montreal Quebec area, call Tax Defenders.