Non resident status and income tax in Quebec and Canada - (Montreal - Quebec - Canada)

Non resident status and income tax in Quebec and Canada - (Montreal - Quebec - Canada)

Canadians migrate more and more everywhere in the world for professional reasons, to retire or simply to fill a need for adventure bringing an increasing number of Canadian to ask for non-resident status.

It is very important to know what are the tax effects of leaving Canada : how it affects your income, your assets, the income tax you will have to pay, your resident status, etc. You could face the harsh reality when returning to Canada after a long stay abroad if you did not plan properly...

Becoming a non-resident for tax purposes could represent an interesting solution for your tax planning.

You can access a unique source of information on tax effects of working or living outside of Canada for a certain period of time or you can seek assistance when returning to Canada after having lived abroad by contacting Expat Tax Planning who has the expertise to help Canadian expatriates plan their stay abroad, their return and evaluate if becoming a non-resident of Canada is an appropriate option.

Expat Tax Planning, with the assistance of Tax Defenders team, also provides help, assistance to expatriates facing tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Canada while being abroad or after returning to Canada.

Call us in case you require information on Canadian non resident tax return declaration, on how the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec establishes the residency status, their criterians for non-resident status (which could be over 50...) , where to pay your income tax or if you have any questions about:

  • Assets protection;
  • Emigration;
  • Health insurance;
  • Immigration;
  • Income tax payable when leaving Canada;
  • Non-resident status
  • Non-resident taxes, surtax, withholding taxes on RRSP, RRIF, life insurance for policy purchased in Canada or abroad, etc;
  • Overseas employment tax credit;
  • Relocation benefits;
  • Tax conventions and tax treaties;
  • Tax Ruling concerning real estate, properties, companies and other assets abroad; Canadian tax forms;
  • And more...

An important number of Canadians living abroad want to obtain a non-resident status for tax purposes. By qualifying yourself to become non-resident, you can free yourself from tax obligations in Canada. However, certain federal taxes may remain payable. You may have to pay income tax in your new place of residence but for a lesser amount.

It is important that you plan properly an extended stay abroad to avoid tax burden when returning home... You must know that even though you live outside of Canada, you remain a Canadian resident for the Canada Revenue Agency and for Revenue Quebec, and you must keep paying income tax on earned income.

Tax DefendersTM analyze all elements that contribute to choose the most advantageous tax status for your personal situation: resident or non-resident of Canada. We provide you an advice based on the last Income Tax Act regulations and rulings in Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency procedures concerning .

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