Are you under stress because of unreported income?

Are you under stress because of unreported income?

Do your lifestyle and assets fit with the income declared to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec?

If you haven’t declared part of your income, beware! Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may eventually identify discrepancies when comparing your declared income and your assets.

Net worth reviews are done regularly by the CRA to find out if your income matches your lifestyle and you may be submitted to an audit if they find out they don’t!

Tax DefendersTM offers integrated services, at an affordable price, to solve tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec, including problems related to income not declared.

You could be eligible to the Tax Pardon Program offered by the tax authorities if you have omitted to declare certain income and want to do it now. You can also consult our website page Tax pardon.

If you want to put an end to your tax problems now …

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