Settlement of a tax liability - Payment of back income tax, taxes GST QST HST PST , tax debt

Settlement of a tax liability - Payment of back income tax, taxes GST QST HST PST , tax debt

Are you experiencing problems in Canada or abroad with unpaid Canadian income tax or back taxes (GST, QST, HST or PST) with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec?

Is there certain income you have not declared or certain years for which you have not filed your tax return?

If you answered "yes" to one of the questions above, you are not alone! Tax problems affect one out of four individuals in Canada and abroad.

We know that dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec can be one of the most stressful and intimidating experiences you can go through. We understand your anxiety and believe the key to tax relief is a well informed client..

settlement_center_clip_image002The good news is that there is help!

Tax DefendersTM can give you information and, most important, can help you solve your tax problems!

We provide assistance to:

  • File late income tax returns or report certain income or sales taxes not declared;
  • Negotiate a tax settlement;
  • Negotiate a tax pardon;
  • Object to an incorrect tax liability from a notice of assessment (tax bill) from the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec;
  • Object to a bad interpretation by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec;
  • Get an attachment of wages release or a release further to a bank seizure, etc. (recourse to specialized lawyers when required)
  • Solve problems in regards with undeclared income and taxes
  • Solve problems issued from not filing income tax return or tax reports.

Tax specialists, specialized accountants, ex-employees of Revenue Canada and Revenu Quebec and professional negotiators can help you solve your tax problems.

Tax DefendersTM team offers solutions to help you solve your tax problems wherever you are in the world. We find solutions that are suitable to all parties involved in the problem and prefer negotiations.

Tax Defenders™ expertise is based on:

  • Our deep knowledge of Income tax in Canada and Canadian taxes such as GST /HST and QST/PST;
  • Our experience in solving tax problems caused by back taxes (income tax and sales taxes) in Canada;
  • Our negotiation skills with the tax authorities: Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec.

At Tax DefendersTM, we can meet with you face to face if you are located in the Montreal area or work with you by telephone, by Internet and by fax.

Tax DefendersTM will achieve a mandate even if you are abroad allowing you to keep on with your daily activities. We will help you with the same determination and effectiveness than if you would be in Canada.

Back taxes and tax problems

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Quebec (RQ) demand that tax returns be filed and taxes paid within the delays allowed by the law. If you do not follow the rules, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec will eventually issue an assessment notice with a substantial penalty and interests. Potential tax problems will only become greater as the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec begins to take action to collect the unpaid tax debt. Enforced collection action may include a bank levy, wage garnishment or other asset seizure. As with many taxpayers, unforeseen circumstances may have prevented you from dealing with your tax obligations. Fortunately, tax relief programs that will allow you to resolve issues with your back taxes are available.

Tax Defenders™ services can help you solve your tax problems.

There is a program based on negotiation which is an agreement between a taxpayer and Tax DefendersTM to settle a tax liability for less than the full amount owed. The Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec may accept an offer when it is not likely that the tax liability can be collected in full and the offer amount reflects what can be collected over a reasonable period of time. An offer may also be accepted based on a doubt as to liability or the existence of special circumstances. By successfully negotiating an offer, you may be allowed to pay only a fraction of your total debt.

If you have tax problems, you can use Tax DefendersTM to represent you and speak on your behalf with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec. We can handle problems such as wage garnishments related to back taxes and offer a settlement to solve the problem.

If you are searching for a highly qualified representative to negotiate on your behalf, we provide services with the highest level of quality and professionalism. Through our team of experts, we can help in solving tax problems and in obtaining a fresh start towards financial freedom.

For more information and for a first confidential, fast and free consultation, call:

Tel. : (450) 672-1333 | (514) 666-1335
Fax. : (450) 672-2470
Toll free : 1 866 411-1333

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