Small and medium size businesses

Small and medium size businesses

Tax DefendersTM provides tax services to small business owners to solve and prevent tax problems that concern Income tax, taxes, GST/HST and QST/PST

If you own a small or a medium size business in Quebec, Tax Defenders™ has the expertise to answer your specific needs in regards with tax matters.

All our tax services are offered under the same roof for a better coordination and efficiency, thus reducing costs. We look for the best solution for our client and other parties involved and settle the majority of our cases by negotiating.

If you have received an assessment notice from Revenue Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency, a request to produce documents, or if you must prepare to a tax audit, or for any other tax matters, contact us for help.

We provide help to business owners and independent workers having tax problems related to:

  • Constat d'infraction from Revenu Quebec;
  • Dispute and conflict with Revenu Quebec (RQ) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
  • Double taxation - income tax Canada-United States (USA), Canada-France, Canada-Europe, Canada-China, Canada-Asia, Canada-Panama, Canada-United Kingdom, Canada-Latin America, and elsewhere in the world;
  • Environment laws and fiscal consequences/taxation;
  • Expense deduction not allowed by Revenu Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Hotel services and taxation, responsibility and tax matters;
  • Income tax matters;
  • Interest or investment, tax credit or other tax deductions refused by Revenue Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Legal seizure of assets by the tax authorities (recourse to specialized lawyers when required);
  • Notice of assessment (tax bill);
  • Real Estate problems linked to QST and GST;
  • Shareholders' responsibilities, professional responsibility related to tax matters.
  • Tax deductions at source (TDAS);
  • Undeclared income and taxes, income tax and taxes (QST, GST) to be paid;
  • Unpaid income tax and taxes GST QST HST PST;
  • Other tax matters.

We offer tax related services to small businesses :

  • Accounting and forensic accounting;
  • Arbitration for income tax matters;
  • Disclosure of unreported income, Quebec sales tax QST, Goods and services sales tax GST, DAS, etc.
  • Fraud detection in your company;
  • Income tax return filing for previous years, late filing, back taxes, unreported income, etc.;
  • Negotiation of agreements, tax settlements with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec;
  • Objection to a notice of assessment;
  • Pursuit avoidance, tax pardon, tax amnesty, voluntary disclosure;
  • Tax audit support and assistance;
  • Tax planning between partners and associates, tax effects of environmental rulings and laws, administrators/directors/owners and personal responsibility in regards with tax matters, etc., etc.;
  • Business consulting services.

Protect your assets and avoid traps!

Taxes, GST HST QST and PST

Business owners need specific answers to their questions related to sales taxes. Audits and tax evaluations can eliminate profits earned with a lot of work. Specific offers by the tax authorities require a close examination of the tax impact. Our experts are often required by other professionals to solve these matters. Let them help you solve problems related to QST and GST in order to avoid unrecoverable mistakes.

Our team can bring you help to settle a tax dispute or other specific probelm

Our multidisciplinary team, formed by our employees and by our external partners, has been solving tax problems for the past 10 years. It includes accountants, chartered accountants, tax accountants, ex-employees of Revenu Quebec and of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), experienced negotiators, tax experts and other specialized professionals who have developed an expertise in solving problems related to QST and GST. Our team has a huge experience in all tax matters and knows about Revenu Quebec and Canada Revenue Agency's administrative policies and rulings which facilitate negotiations of agreements, on your behalf, with the tax authorities: auditors, tax officials, administrators and others. We also have recourse to specialized lawyers who can represent you in court when it becomes necessary.

Our clients are businesses from different fields such as financial services, insurance, energy, manufacturing industry, commercial and residential real estate, hotel services, food service industry, TI, environment, health care and telecommunications.

Our employees and partners have several years of experience in using alternative modes to settle disputes and conflicts, such as mediation and arbitration with the different tax authorities or conventional arbitration. Such procedures have shown to be, in some situations, interesting and efficient alternatives, particularly when matters, as regards to conventional arbitration, needed a confidential and a final settlement, within a delay that the actual legal system could not satisfy.

Real estate transactions

Tax DefendersTM team of specialists provides advice and assistance when the provincial or the federal government wants to take a closer look at your real estate transactions... or on:

  • Tax deduction refused for real estate expenses ;
  • Capital gain;
  • Flips and real estate strategies.

For more information and for a first confidential, fast and free consultation, call:

Tel. : (450) 672-1333 | (514) 666-1335
Fax. : (450) 672-2470
Toll free : 1 866 411-1333

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Tax DefendersTM is a provider of accounting, forensic accounting and tax related services for small and medium size businesses who need help, assistance, advice, support, information in case of unjustified assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, unreported income, unreported Quebec Sales Tax QST and Goods and Services Sales Tax GST, tax deductions at source TDS, tax audit support, late income tax return filing, refusal of a tax deduction for business expenses, tax deduction for investment refused, for assistance with real estate transactions, capital gain, dispute, conflict settlement, etc. in the Greater Montreal, Quebec area.

If you need to find specialized accountants having expertise with small business tax issues, chartered accountants familiar with tax matters, tax experts, experienced negotiators, specialized lawyers to whom we have recourse when needed in case of tax litigation, contact Tax DefendersTM for the Greater Montreal Quebec area : Brossard, South Shore of Montreal, Ile-des-Soeurs, Montreal West, North, East, North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Quebec, also for Trois-Rivières, Hull-Gatineau, Ottawa, etc. Tax Defenders is only a phone call away!