Tax Pardon, Tax Amnesty, Quebec, Canada

Tax Pardon, Tax Amnesty, Quebec, Canada

Tax DefendersTM is an independent group, not a governmental organization, which main areas of expertise include problem solving in regards with undeclared and unreported income tax, deductions and tax credits refused, negotiations with the tax authorities on behalf of our clients and general advisory work related to income tax, sales taxes and other tax matters.

Negotiate a Tax Pardon

Tax DefendersTMnegotiates settlements and tax pardon on a NO NAME basis without penalty or criminal prosecution. We can analyze your situation, determine the best course of action and eliminate the possibility of criminal prosecution. This, typically, leads to a negotiated settlement (tax pardon) on a no-name basis. In such case, criminal and civil penalties are waived and a beneficial tax settlement is reached.

Legal solution: Tax Amnesty. Your accountant cannot offer lawyer - client confidentiality and can be forced by the tax authorities to give your private information and forced to be a witness against you. We have recourse to a specialized lawyer for a legal protection and client confidentiality to negotiate a tax amnesty on a NO NAME basis.

Unfiled Tax Returns and Tax Fraud

You haven't filed your tax returns or you have failed to report income?

This is criminal tax evasion! While the tax authorities have not yet notified you, they will catch up to you eventually. It's only a matter of time . And it will come faster as technology becomes more and more sophisticated and the sharing of data easier. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provincial Tax Authorities may impose criminal charges and penalties for failure to file and pay tax on hidden and unreported income.

We solve more than 95% of our clients' fiscal problems by means of negotiation.

Tax Pardon and Tax Amnesty Programs

  • Ask for a tax pardon
  • Voluntary disclosure

Estate and Personal Financial Planning

  • Exceptional revenues, etc.
  • Tax reduction
  • Tax help, solutions to tax problems in Canada

“With the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!"

Tax DefendersTM, an Independent group providing tax related services is based in Montreal, Quebec and has helped individuals and companies across Canada achieving outstanding results. Our proven methods are ethical, lawful and conform to the highest standards of professional practice. Our multidisciplinary team, formed by our employees and external partners and contributors, includes tax specialists, chartered accountants, tax advisors, experienced negotiators, some of whom are former employees of Revenu Quebec and Revenue Canada. We have recourse to specialized lawyers for legal advice and procedures.


Tax Defenders™ - An independent group of specialists solving tax problems in Canada.


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How to obtain a tax amnesty from the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec in case of undeclared revenues? Where to find help, information on tax pardon for unreported Quebec sales tax QST, Goods and service sales tax GST, Canadian or foreign income? How to avoid penalties, interests, fraud accusations in case you haven't reported some income to the Quebec Government or Revenue Canada? Contact Tax DefendersTM who provides help, assistance for voluntary disclosure with the assistance of tax experts, tax specialists, experienced negotiators, specialized lawyers when required, etc. to solve your tax problems definitely.