Tax litigation

Tax litigation

In case of tax litigation, Tax DefendersTM has recourse to specialized lawyers who have the expertise to analyze your situation, evaluate if there is still a way to avoid litigation by presenting additional documents and information or by negotiating an agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec. They are Tax Defenders' external contributors with whom we regularily deal and who can defend you in court against the tax authorities when needed.

In case you disagree with an unjustified assessment sent by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec and decide to initiate legal proceedings against the tax authories, you might also need help from specialized accountants, chartered accountants, tax experts or other tax specialists to have your accounting produced properly or reviewed. Such tax related services might also be necessary in case of tax audit or requests from the tax authorities to produce certain documents or information.

Tax DefendersTM works in a most efficient way with its multidisciplinary team which is formed by its employees, partners and external contributors, thus allowing to reduce up to 50 percent the time usually taken to find and consult all tax specialists and professionals involved in such situations, with a fee reduction to its clients.

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Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, support, information, solutions to avoid legal procedures against the Canadian federal government, the Quebec provincial government or to find possible alternatives or agreements with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec in case of tax litigation. In case of tax litigation, Tax DefendersTM has recourse to specialized lawyers.

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