Construction Industry and tax problems (income tax, GST HST QST PST sales taxes), dispute or conflict with Revenu Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency

Construction Industry and tax problems (income tax, GST HST QST PST sales taxes), dispute or conflict with Revenu Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency


Building the foundations for success

Tax DefendersTM specialized team helps contractors within the construction industry minimize the effect of income tax and taxes GST/HST QST/ PST on their daily activities and help them solve their tax problems.

Tax DefendersTM multidisciplinary team, in coorperation with its internal and external partners and contributors, offers services to the construction industry and focuses on the specific needs of all types of construction companies. Its members provide a full range of services including accounting, audit assistance, dispute settlement, tax defence trhough negotiations and consulting services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the construction industry. The group is formed by audit experts, tax and consulting professionals having several years of experience in identifying issues. They have recourse to specialized lawyers when required.

Tax DefendersTM has a long history in providing advice to general builders, civil engineering contracting and consulting engineers, sub-contractors as well as estate agents and property developers. In fact, our clients span the whole range of activities within the construction and property sector.

Tax DefendersTM services and information to the construction industry cover:

  • Accounting
  • Asset protection
  • Audit assistance
  • Back income tax and sales taxes, settlement of unpaid back taxes
  • Business consulting services
  • Compliance to enviroment ruling and taxes, tax effects
  • DAS (deductions at source)
  • Dispute or conflict with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Quebec
  • Forensic / investigative accounting
  • Fraud detection, fraud finding
  • Objection to an assessment (objection notice)
  • Problem solving wiht the Canadian and provincial tax authorities
  • Problems related to income tax, sales taxes and real estate transactions
  • Tax and financial planning for income tax and sales taxes GST HST QST
  • Tax planning between partners and associates, shareholders respective responsibilities regarding tax matters
  • Tax problem resolution - Determination of loss and damages
  • Advice for other tax matters specific to the construction industry


The construction industry requires more than the usual accounting. Our team includes specialists having several years of experience with tax audit for income tax and sales taxes (GST HST QST PST), They can identify alternatives to specific problems encountered by construction businesses.

GST, PST-Taxes - Avoid the pitfalls

Contractors need timely and accurate answers to sales and tax questions. Tax examinations and assessments can destroy your hard earned profit. Accurate bids require proper consideration of all applicable taxes. Our tax experts are often called upon by other professionals to solve sales tax issues. Let them solve your tax problems and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Dispute or conflict with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec

Tax DefendersTM team members can help you solve a dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec through negotiations.

Our goal is to discuss with our client and the tax authorities to find a solution suitable to all parties involved.

Tax DefendersTM team has the expertise to negotiate with the tax authorities in order to settle a dispute or a conflict.

Real Estate Transactions

The Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec may decide to make a revision of your real estate transactions. When such a situation occurs, Tax DefendersTM can give you advice and negotiate with the tax authorities, especially for problems concerning:

  • Expense deduction not accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec
  • Capital gain and income tax, sales taxes
  • Flips and real estate strategies
  • Interest and penalty

Tax DefendersTM specializes in problem solving related to income tax, sales taxes and DAS. Not only do we have the expertise to negotiate a settlement in order to solve your fiscal problem, but we also have a huge knowledge of the federal and provincial ministries of revenue procedures.

Here's what our clients have to say about us:

“Our account has always been well serviced and in our times of need you have responded by producing our statements earlier than anticipated. In addition, your assistance with tax planning has been most helpful. Your knowledge of the construction industry has been a tremendous asset to our firm.”

- General Contractor

Tax DefendersTM has been added to our list of Tax consultants that we recommend to our contractors and their agents. The financial statement presentation your firm presents for its clients is one of the best in the business. Any surety would be remiss in not providing their accounts the name of Tax DefendersTM as a firm to deal with. We look forward to dealing with your firm in the future and on a much more frequent basis.”

- Surety Company

“I want to express my thanks for assisting us with our audit and personal financial statements this year. I appreciated your approach and your responsiveness to our needs and requests. We consider you a valuable member of our team and look forward to many more years together.”

Tax Defenders™ is an independent group of specialists solving tax problems in Canada.

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Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, tax services to workers and business owners of the construction industry having tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec looking for consulting services for the construction industry or for specialized accountants and other professionals such as specialized lawyers to whom Tax DefendersTM has recourse to when required, tax experts, tax negotiators, etc. in case of assessment, tax audit, dispute, conflict with the tax authorities, request to produce or other tax matters, in the Greater Montreal Quebec area.