Tax investigation

Tax investigation

  • Is Revenu Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) investigating your tax situation?

  • Did you receive a personal or a corporate assessment?

Act immediately to avoid penal accusations!

It is preferable that you promptly act when the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec begins their investigation in order to avoid penal or criminal accusations. Tax Defenders™ can meet the tax authorities on your behalf! It is easier for us to negotiate with them as we are more familiar with their procedures.

Our Tax Services cover:

All elements of the assessment process, including advice, compliance, interest waiver applications, negotiation at administrative levels as well as assets protection and voluntary disclosure, production of unfiled tax returns for undeclared income, assistance to fill questionnaire on assets,resolution of fiscal problems in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, South America, etc.

Get information on the Tax Pardon program!

We can meet the tax authorities on your behalf and negotiate an agreement or a settlement, thus allowing you to maintain your daily activities while we are solving your tax problems.

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Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, information, support, advice, solutions at reasonable fee, in case of audit or investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec regarding GST QST HST PST, income Tax return, request to file, to produce documents, accounting books, notice of assessment, failure to file income tax return or tax reports in Canada, unreported income, unfiled tax reports, unpaid back taxes, sales taxes due, deductions at source, wrongly accused of fraud, incorrect interpretation by ministry of revenue, tax pardon, seizure of assets, etc.

If your are seeking help, advice in case of tax investigation from tax specialists, tax experts, specialized lawyers, attorneys, advisors, tax firms, affordable arbitration or representation in court for individuals, corporations, small businesses or if you are looking for support such as forensic or investigative accounting expertise in Montreal Quebec Canada Laval South Shore Hull Gatineau Ottawa Ontario, call Tax DefendersTM.