Demand to file income tax return, GST/HST QST/PST declaration, accounting records, etc.

Demand to file income tax return, GST/HST QST/PST declaration, accounting records, etc.

Late filing of personal or business income tax return

You have not filed your income tax return?

Did you receive an official request to produce a declaration and want to submit it?

You are being requested to submit accounting records?

Here is how Tax Defenders™ can help you:

  • Personal and/or corporate accounting;
  • Planning of provincial and/or federal audit or verification;
  • Disclosure of undeclared income or unreported revenues;
  • Negotiations to settle a tax problem, a dispute or a conflict with the tax authorities;
  • Negotiations concerning refusal of a tax credit or a deduction for expenses or investment.

If you wish to solve your tax problems or regularize your tax situation, Tax DefendersTM can help you. The company proved its way in the field by lowering or avoiding arbitrary or incorrect assessments.

Tax DefendersTM is an independent group of specialists solving tax problems in Canada.

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Tip of the Day

Where to find help, assistance further to a request from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec to file late income tax return or for previous years, tax reports for QST GST HST, accounting books, journals, original invoices, proof that expenses were made, questionnaire on assets (consult an expert before completing it. Do not get trapped!), etc.?

Call Tax DefendersTM if you need information and tax related services from tax experts, tax specialists, specialized lawyers, tax negotiators, etc. in the Greater Montreal Quebec area, in case you have received a request to produce and haven't filed a tax return for several years, haven't reported some income, sales taxes GST QST, etc., to protect your assets, capital, investments, house, etc.