Unfiled Tax Return (income tax, QST GST/HST)

Unfiled Tax Return (income tax, QST GST/HST)

You have not filed previous years tax returns?

Tax DefendersTM provides fast, comprehensive and affordable help and assistance in case of problems related to unfiled tax returns and sales tax reports to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec. If you are ready to settle your tax problems, simply contact us.

With your authorization, we will meet the federal and provincial tax authorities and negotiate a settlement, on your behalf, to allow you to go on with your life.

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Tax DefendersTM provides help, assistance, advice in case of unreported income tax or unfiled tax return or sales taxes, information on penalty for not filing a tax return in Canada and how to avoid, eliminate or reduce that penalty and interests, how to file late income tax return for previous years, voluntary disclosure of back income tax and taxes, tax pardon, tax amnesty, if you need solutions on income tax return not filed from accountants having experience with tax matters, tax specialists, tax experts or other professionals to assist you with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec in the Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada area for accounting and tax services to solve your tax problems. Act before getting a demand to file from the Canadian tax authorities.