Constat d’infraction (for income tax)

Constat d’infraction (for income tax)
from Revenu Quebec

Assessment Notice from Revenu Québec

  • Did you receive a «Constat d'infraction» sent by the Quebec Ministry of Revenue?

If you have received a «Constat d'infraction» because of unfiled tax returns, Tax DefendersTM can not only settle the problem by preparing and submitting them, but we can also have recourse to specialized lawyers when required.

There are ways to defend you against the Tax Authorities!

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Constat d'infraction from Revenu Quebec: when receiving it, contact Tax DefendersTM for help, support, assistance in case of legal proceedings : in case of plea of not guilty or guilty, claim notice, tax fine, undeclared income and revenues, demand to file income tax return, expenses refused, tax pardon, tax questionnaire on assets sent by the tax authorities. (Consult before completing it. Do not get trapped!), protection of assets: RRSP, pension plan, investments, share capital, business, main residence, cottage, etc., dispute, conflict on amount of income tax payable to Revenue Quebec or Revenue Canada, seizure, forensic accounting, etc., for assistance of tax accountants, specialized accountants, chartered accountants, tax experts, negotiators, tax specialists, specialized lawyers to whom Tax DefendersTM has recourse when required for representation before the Tax Court of Canada, Canadian government, for legal procedures in court in Canada, Quebec Income tax litigation, etc.